Lawmaker opens up about failed attempt to look through NRI emails

DECATUR—A downstate lawmaker who is a member of the team investigating Governor Pat Quinn’s anti-violence program says Quinn’s office denied him the chance to look through some emails.
Willow Hill Republican State Representative David Reis is a working member of the Legislative Audit Commission, a group of republicans who are investigating exactly where several million dollars of anti-violence money actually went.
Reis said he took a trip to Springfield to visit the Office of Central Management to personally look through nearly 7,300 emails between Quinn and other officials associated with his Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.  But when he got there, Reis said, he was denied access.
“It’s our task to find out what we can about this program and we have been doing that in addition to what the auditor general released in his report but we seem to have hit a roadblock when it comes to accessing these 7,300 emails,” Reis said following his visit.  “Standing behind a bunch of legal jargon, Quinn’s office has once again blocked our ability to thoroughly search through this program and do our job.”
Reis says his denial this week is confusing to him, especially since Quinn’s office has consistently said they want to be open and honest about the program, “The Governor himself has repeatedly stated that he and his office want to be open and transparent with this issue and that anyone involved with this program should be open and forthcoming.”

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