City issues reminder of signage rules ahead of political season

DECATUR—With political season right around the corner, City Hall is sending out reminders about temporary signage rules.
Per City of Decatur rules, a maximum of five non-campaign temporary freestanding signs may be displayed for up to 90 days on a single and two family property for up to 90 days while properties in multiple family districts can have up to three temporary freestanding signs for up to 90 days.
City rules also mandate that signs may not be put up on public property, including streets, alleys, parkways, utility poles or street light poles. 
City Manager Ryan McCrady says they will be paying specific attention to signs posted on city right-of-ways, which includes the green space between the sidewalk and the street, “The city has been really paying attention to these temporary signs, we want people to be aware of these rules and cooperate.  It’s not our desire to go out and write a bunch of tickets for this but it just makes the city look bad with these signs all over the place.”
Signage rules also apply to businesses and office spaces.  Properties in office, commercial, and industrial areas may display one temporary sign for a maximum of 90 days.
“Most of these laws are state laws, meaning we don’t make them up at city hall, we are told by the state what to do and it’s our job to enforce what we are told,” McCrady said.
If you have questions about signage or signage placement, contact the city of Decatur at 424-2700 or through their website at

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