All-Kids healthcare program draws criticism following Auditor General report

DECATUR--  A new report by the Illinois Auditor General  shows that a majority of the members of the Expanded All-Kids healthcare program are undocumented immigrants.
The Expanded All-Kids program was started by the State of Illinois back in 2005 and was designed to provide healthcare for families with young children who meet the financial guidelines set by the state.
The report released last month by Auditor General William Holland shows that in 2013 the program had 1.9 million people enrolled.  Of those 1.9 million enrollees, nearly 40,000 of them have been classified as undocumented immigrants.
Republican State Representative Bill Mitchell said if you’re wondering why Illinois continues to be in such poor financial state, you need to look no further than this program, “Illinois is drowning in a sea of red ink, with nearly $5 billion in unpaid bills.  Why in the world ar we spending $50 million per year on health insurance for illegal immigrants?  We’ve got to put a stop to this blatant abuse of taxpayer dollars.”
The program provides health services to children under the age of 18 who have been without health insurance for 12 months, and whose family member’s annual earnings are at, or below the poverty line.  Some of the services provided by the Expanded All-Kids program include hospital visits, doctor visits, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, and eye glasses.
Mitchell says he plans to bring the program up to his colleagues when lawmakers return to session this fall and hopes to get it stopped, “I’ve spoken to many people in my district and what I’m hearing from them is frustration and anger.  They are upset that lawmakers in Springfield are approving of this program and they want it stopped.”