Byers & Co. Interviews

Interview with Jonathan Miller, Co-Founder of No Labels- Click For Audio

Interview with Michael Hastings, Author of "The Operators"

Interview with Diane Katz, Research Fellow with the Heritage Foundation on the Top 10 Worst Federal Rules of 2011

Interview with City Manager Ryan McCrady 12-27-11
Part 1

Part 2

Interview with State Rep Bill Mitchell 12-21-11

Interview with Scott Raab, Author of "The Whore Of Akron" 12-20-11

Interview with Fox News Analyst Jeff Birnbaum on Fox News Poll 12-12-11

Interview with Rep Candidate for the 96th Dennis Shackelford - 12-8-11

Interview with Congressman Aaron Schock 12-7-11

Interview with Congressman Tim Johnson 12-6-11

Interview with George Jarkesy, Chairman of the National Eagles & Angles Association & Fox news Employment Expert on Recent Job Numbers 12-5-11

Interview with City Manger Ryan McCrady 11-29-11

Interview with Kara Kovalchik, Research Editor with Mental Floss Magazine on "The 11 Sounds Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard 11-22-11

Interview with Wayne Kent of First Christian Church on the Church's stance on the Occupy Movement.  Should they offer Sanctuary? 11-21-11

Interview with Decatur Developer Steve Horve on the Macon County Board & Tax Assesments 11-17-11

Interview with Jean Card VP of the NFIB on Obamacare

Interview with R. Clark Cooper, Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans RE: The Potential Repeal of the "Defense of Marriage Act"

Interview with Bob Kinder Retired Army Officer, Senior VP for International Operations at Drop Test International   RE: Obama Administration Opposing FDR Prayer at WWII Memorial

Interview with Fox News Coorespondent Jeff Monosso on the firing of Penn State Coach Joe Paterno 11-10-11

Interivew with Ken Armstrong, Investigative Reporter and Expert on College Football Scandals, Author of Scoreboard, Baby: A Story of College Football, Crime, and Complicity 11-9-11

Interview with State Sen Kyle McCarter 11-7-11

Interview with State Rep Candidate Jared Perry- GOP Candidate in the 96th-113-11

Interview with City Manager Ryan McCrady and Councilman Jerry Dawson on the AOK Taxi Decision- 11-2-11

Interview with Jeff Birnbaum Fox News Political Analyst / Washington Times columnist/ President of BGR Public Relations
 RE: Fox News GOP Poll 10-28-11

Interview with Sam Cahnman, Candidate for State Rep in the 96th -10-27-11

Interview with Rob Roman, Candidate for State Rep in the 102nd - 10-24-11

Interview with Jim Carafano, PhD & Heritage Expert on the Death of Gaddafi 10-21-11

Interview with Sue Scherer, Candidate in the 96th House Race - 10-17-11

Interview with Jack Segal, VP of Communications with Comcast 10-14-11

Interview with Dr. David Gill For Congress 10-13-11

Interview With Sheriff Tom Schneider 10-12-11

Interview With Prof Larry Klugman 10-11-11
 Part 1

Part 2

Interview With Sen Mark Kirk 10-11-11

Interview with Mayor Mike McElroy 10-4-11

Interview with Mark Mogk, Author of "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Zombies" 09-30-11

Interview with Geoff Gray, Author of Skyjack 09-28-11

Interview with Sen. Mark Kirk 09-27-11

Interview with Congressman Aaron Shock 09-23-11

Interview with Sen Dick Durbin 9-22-11

Interview with Jim DeFelice, Author of Omar Bradley, General At War 09-21-11

Interview with Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow with the Heritage Foundation Re: His Study about America's Poor 09-20-11

Interview with Tom Piazza, Author of "Devil Sent The Rain" 09-20-11

Interview with Bill Clutter, Dem Candidate for the 48th Senate District 09-12-11

Interview with Andy Manar, Dem Candidate for the 48th Senate District 09-08-11

Interview with Michael Saltsman of the Employment Policies Institute- 09-07-11

Interview With Dr. Tom Pliura, Candidate for the 51st Senate District 09-06-11

Interview with Mark Steyn, Author of "After America" 09-1-11

Interview with Winson Taylor, Candidate for State Rep. in the 96th District- 08-31-11

**ONLINE EXCLUSIVE FOR BYERS & CO***- Interview with Best Selling Author, Adam Mansbach, About His Breakout Hit Book "Go The F*&#k To Sleep".  Interview Also Includes Audio Version Of Book, Read By Samuel L. Jackson 

Interview With Mayor Mike McElroy 08-26-11

Interview With State Sen Kyle McCarter 08-24-11

Interview With City Manager Ryan McCrady 08-23-11

Interview with Pop Street Artist Ron English 08-22-11

Interview with Peter Breen, Executive Director and Legal Counsel, Thomas More Society 08-22-11

Interview with Rep Adam Brown 08-19-11

Interview with Jason Zinonman, Author of Shock Value 08-18-11

Interview With Mattie Corrao, Americans For Tax Reform 08-17-11

Interview With June, Local Tea Party Member to Byers & Co. on What A Tea Party Member is Really like 08-16-11

Interview With Jim Anderson, News Director of Illinois Radio Network, On His Involvement with the Durbin Press Confrence Debacle 08-16-11

Interview With Rep Bill Mitchell on Byers & Co 08-15-11
Part 1

Part 2

Interview With Ted Nugent On Byers & Co 08-15-11

Interview With Congressman Bobby Schilling 08-12-11

Interview With Gov. Pat Quinn 08-12-11

Interview With Laurie Higgins- Illinos Family Institute Re: The Groups Oppsition to  Illinois "enumerated" anti-bullying act -

Interview with Sheriff Tom Schneider with Breaking News on the Harristown Murder Case

Interview with Religious scholar and Physicist, Karl Giberson as we discuss the Creation/Evolution Debate 08-10-11

Interview with Seal Team Six Author Howard Wasdin 08-10-11

Interview with IL Treasurer Dan Rutherford 08-09-11

Interview with Rep Adam Brown 08-08-11

Interview with Mayor Mike McElroy 08-05-11

Interview with Decatur Police Chief Todd Walker 08-04-11

Interview with Congressman Tim Johnson 08-03-11

Interview with Congressman John Shimkus 08-02-11

Interview with Paul Osborne on Byers & Co 07-28-11

Interview with Chuck Khule Re: Ursula Beck Tennis Tournament 07-28-11

Interview with City Manager Ryan McCrady 07-27-11

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